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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mixed Beans Soup

Bean soup is my all time favourite, especially black-eyed beans and red beans. Thus, there are still some organic 5 beans (consists of lima beans, cranberry beans, black beans, kidney beans & green split peas) left which I bought few months back, in order to make the soup more tastier and thicker, I topped up with extra organic red beans and black-eyed beans for the soup. Bean is high in protein and full of nutrients, one of the good selection of making soup, stir fry, dessert, pasta, salad or any combination.

Here is my quick and easy recipe;
100gm Organic 5 beans, soaked
50gm Organic red beans, soaked
50gm Organic black-eyed beans, soaked
(*You may just use the Organic 5 beans, the quantity of beans vary from individual preference.)
4 chicken thighs, removed skin
2 tsp salt
2 liters water

1. Soak beans with water overnight.
2. Blanch chicken thighs, drain and add in boiling water.
3. Add beans. Slow boil in low heat for 2 hours.
(I used slow cooker to boil this soup, it is indeed more tastier)

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