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Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Goodies - Chocolates


Hohoho... Merry Christmas! In few days more we will be celebrating Christmas with a lot of delightful food and gifts! This year I want to prepare something special for my guests and also the little children. Guess this special homemade Christmas chocolates in various of shapes would definitely delighting them... do you agree?


It is so simple to make, perhaps a great goodie pack idea for this coming Christmas. My son was amazed with those chocolate cars when I was displaying them on the table. He waited eagerly for the chocolate to set. Need not to say, he savoured most of the chocolates in car shape and gave me thumbs up! I can't wait to pack them in goodie bag and share with my guests and their children on Christmas Day.


If you are also throwing a Christmas party in few days time and running out of ideas, do give this Christmas chocolates a try. It can be ready within hours and surprise your guests with this little creativity. Have fun and enjoy the indulgence! Stay tuned for my next goodie idea for Christmas!


Makes 16 - 18 pieces of chocolates
250gm Premium Dark Chocolate / Milk Chocolate
1 - 2 Jelly moulds / Chocolate moulds
Some smarties / Gummies

1. Melt chocolate with double boil method. Set aside to cool a little.
2. Fill moulds with smarties, chopped jelly-O, chopped nuts or dried fruits (raisin, cranberry, mixed fruits).
3. Pour melted chocolate on each molds. Leave it at room temperature until the chocolates are set.
4. Transfer to fridge and chill for few hours or overnight.
5. Remove from fridge, leave it for 5 mins, knock the chocolates out from the moulds.
6. It is ready to be serve or pack. Have fun!

• I used Dark chocolate as I like the bitter sweet taste of the chocolate.
• Chop the nuts, gummies, dried fruits into small pieces before filling them in the moulds.
• The amount of chocolates vary depending on the size of your molds.

8 Comentários:

Food For Tots said...

No wonder I don't see any car shape in the photo. What a lovely thought you have!! I want to be your guest too!!

Anggie's Journal said...

look sweet .......O.o
Merry Christmas to u and the boys , any plan boh ar ?

Little Corner of Mine said... cute is that!

Little Inbox said...

I’m hooked to dark and white chocolate these days.
Wishing you and your family Merry Christmas!

Jess @ Bakericious said...

totally agree with you, these chocolates are such a great gifts to give away!

Bits of Taste said...

FFT: Thanks friend! Hope you can be here for Christmas!

Anggie: Thanks! We will have Christmas celebration as usual, then heading for holiday! Merry Christmas to you and family too!

LCOM: Thanks! Hope you enjoy it.

LI: Thanks! You too!

Jess: Thanks Jess!

tigerfish said...

Love dark chocolate lots! They look so cute and festive. Merry Christmas.

Spencer @ Moo-Lolly-Bar said...

Looks wonderful. I am sure they would be great on your side plate at Christmas Dinner.

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