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Friday, June 24, 2011

Baked Chicken Drumsticks with BBQ Sauce

Baked Chicken Drumsticks with BBQ Sauce

Hello there! How are you doing recently? It has been so hot here in Malaysia and it makes me feel so uncomfortable and not in a mood to make anything especially when you need to spend most of the time in front of the hot stove. *LOL* The sun is killing but it is a good time to spend some quality time at the beach and do some summer activities! I would desperately dip myself in the pool if there is one nearby, I could cool down myself and make few rounds to burn some calories! *LOL*. Thus, I admired those staying in the condominium or apartment with swimming pool facility. *LOL*

Well, I guess cooking with oven is the most essential for me at the moment. It has lessen a lot of preparation time and I don't have to face the hot burning fire from the stove. You get what I mean? I just have to prepare the marinade, dump it into the oven and turn the button on. The dish is ready when the bell rings! Easy peasy, right?

Baked Chicken Drumsticks with BBQ Sauce

This time I used only chicken drumsticks which are the best part of the chicken I liked the most. Marinade it with BBQ sauce and baked it together with fresh white button mushroom. You may add any other vegetables which are suitable accordingly to your liking. The drumsticks are tender, juicy and flavourful. You may serve the drumsticks together with some raw salads or baked potatoes. Beside of serving those drumsticks for meals, you may also pack it for picnic or party. Have fun and stay well....

Baked Chicken Drumsticks with BBQ Sauce
10 pcs of chicken drumsticks
4 pcs fresh white button mushrooms, sliced
5 tbsp of Lee Kum Kee BBQ sauce (spare ribs sauce)
3 tbsp of sunflower oil
Lime rinds for garnishing

1. Rinse chicken drumsticks, pat dry and put them in an ovenproof dish.
2. Add Lee Kum Kee BBQ marinade sauce and mix well with a spatula.
3. Cover the ovenproof dish with cling film. Marinade it in the fridge for 30 mins.
4. Remove it from the fridge and rest at room temperature for 10 mins.
5. Meanwhile, rinse button mushrooms and pat dry, cut away the stem. Cut them into slices.
6. Sprinkle oil and button mushrooms all over the drumsticks and mix well with a spatula.
7. Pour some of the marinade over the drumsticks and mushroom to coat them evenly.
8. Preheat oven at 200ºC for 10 mins. Bake the drumsticks for 45-50 mins or until drumsticks turn golden brown and cooked through.
9. Turn the drumsticks over the other side with a pair of tongs after 20-25 mins.
10. Remove ovenproof dish and rest it on a rack. Serve while warm.

• You may also cut button mushrooms into quartered.
• You may use your preferred BBQ Marinade Sauce.
• The marinade sauce amount varies depending on the amount and size of the drumsticks.
• The baking time varies depending on the size of your chicken drumsticks.
• Prick the drumsticks with skewer to test if it is cooked through.

8 Comentários:

Min said...

Thanks for sharing with us this recipe, I love baking chicken with oven, it's simple and easy to clean.

Food For Tots said...

Yeah, great cooking idea for the lazy me too! Looking finger-lick'g good!!!!

Bits of Taste said...

Thanks Min, hope you and your family like it too!

FFT: Oh yeah! It is fast and easy! Thanks!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Totally agreed, I like cooking in the oven too, no pot to wash. I used this LKK BBQ sauce to marinade my chicken pieces for kebabs too. :)

peachkins said...

my daughter loves chicken, I'm sure she'll love this! missed dropping by here..

tigerfish said...

I agree with you. When it's hot, it is minimal time in the kitchen (and in front of the stove). :P

noobcook said...

The heat is terrible here too, so I can identify with wanting to cook fuss-free dishes. The drumsticks look finger licking good :)

Bits of Taste said...

LCOM: haha... thanks! kebabs are great!

peachkin: Thanks a lot!

tigerfish: looks like I am not alone!

noobcook: Yes Wiffy! The weather is terrible....

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